Our Approach

Rising energy costs means the principles of ‘fabric first’ are now being widely adopted, particularly within the structural timber sectors, as the requirement grows for more energy efficient homes and commercial buildings.

We take an uncomplicated approach to providing the delivery of affordable homes from a fabric first perspective without having to resort to renewables in order to meet code. F1 Modular believes that renewables have a place in providing sustainable energy but are far more effective when used within a highly insulated frame.


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Taking just six key elements into our design philosophy for homes we focus on:
• Existing construction methods and materials adapted to a factory environment
• Building fabric performance and enhancements as “first principles”
• Uncomplicated and low maintenance heating and ventilation systems
• Superior quality constructed and finished within a controlled environment to ISO9000
• Accuracy of cost and cost certainty
• Significantly quicker delivery with minimal disruption to the local environment



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The advantages of using the NH1 framework:
• Provides best value – access to technically evaluated fit-for-purpose-products at competitive prices
• Quick and efficient procurement – call off from the framework
• Early engagement – engage directly with the appointed companies during the feasibility process to maximise design for manufacture efficiencies
• Ensures compliance with UK and EU procurement legislation – OJEU compliant framework

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